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About Counselling

My main counselling approach is Gestalt therapy. This means I work relationally, as establishing an authentic, non-judgemental relationship is central to the approach. There is a strong focus on self-awareness and the 'here and now' experience, which I believe is key to encouraging personal growth.

I will support you to explore your thoughts and feelings, helping you to develop an awareness around how you relate to others and how you engage with the people around you. In doing so, it is possible to identify unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours, which can cause feelings of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

I have worked with people experiencing difficulties within their relationships, anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Some have sought help after experiencing trauma, including childhood abuse or domestic violence, wanting support to explore and understand their experience and the impact it has on their life. Others struggle with feelings of fear and isolation due to their sexuality or gender identity, I provide a confidential and containing environment for clients to be with their feelings. Many have experienced bereavement, abandonment or other types of loss and need a space to process their feelings, whilst receiving care, empathy and understanding.

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